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[Royal Style] The Face of An Orchestra

[Royal Style] The Face of An Orchestra
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Lady Blair would like you to become the face of the orchestra.

  2. Wear all pieces of the Melody Set to start the shoot.[Melody Set]Hat: i1004192 t1004192 Outfit (M): i1050335 t1050335Outfit (F): i1051405 t1051405 Weapon: i1702528 t1702528 Cape: i1102706 t1102706 Shoes: i1072943 t1072943 (Caution! You can only participate in this event once per world. You cannot restart if you forfeit!)

  3. You finished the Melody Set photoshoot for Lady Blair's orchestra. You received a melodious i1112949 t1112949 for your efforts!


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