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[Royal Style] The Mystery of Ink-and-Wash

[Royal Style] The Mystery of Ink-and-Wash
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Lady Blair has information on Shade, the forgotten hero. The painting with Shade's friend won't reveal itself, but maybe wearing his clothes will work!

  2. (Caution! If you forfeit this quest, you cannot start it again.)Equip all 5 pieces of the Shade set to reveal the picture and get the You and Me You and Me chair.Hat: i1000069 t1000069,i1001092 t1001092Outfit: i1050311 t1050311,i1051383 t1051383Cape: i1102667 t1102667Shoes: i1072901 t1072901Weapon: i1702486 t1702486

  3. You opened the picture and discovered a nice Ink-and-Wash painting. Lady Blair thanked you for showing it to her and gave you the You and Me chair.


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