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[Royal Style] The Star of the Hula Dance Contest

[Royal Style] The Star of the Hula Dance Contest
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Lady Blair is looking for someone to participate in the Hula Dance Contest with her at Gold Beach. Pay her a visit.

  2. Wear the complete Hawaiian Set and talk to Lady Blair.Hat: i1004213 t1004213Outfit:i1050337 t1050337 i1051406 t1051406 Cape: i1102712 t1102712Shoes: i1072951 t1072951Weapon: i1702535 t1702535(Caution! You can only participate in this event once per world. You cannot restart if you forfeit!)

  3. i1082620 t1082620 from Lady Blair completes the performance outfit!Dance hula to heat up Gold Beach!


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