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[Silent Crusade] Mystic Energy Manifestation

Silent Crusade
[Silent Crusade] Mystic Energy Manifestation
Level 75 and above
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Zakum's Stone Piece
1 x Horntail's Scale
1 x Von Leon's Hair
1 x Hilla's Hair
1 x Arkarium's Beard
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. You eliminated the Mystical enemy, like Professor Moon requested, but what's this item you found?

  2. Professor Moon says the item you obtained is Mystic Energy manifested into physical form. He tells you to try using it. You just might get something extra special.Tip: Use the item obtained from a Mystic Boss for a chance to obtain the following rewards. eZakumCrusader Coins i1002357 [Skill Book] Advanced Combo Attack i1082447 i1142503 Illustration Collection: ZakumHorntailCrusader Coins Chaos Scroll 60% Advanced Potential Scroll i1042243 i1142504 Illustration Collection: HorntailVon LeonCrusader Coins [Mastery Book] Mystery Mastery Book Lion King Medal i1072679 i1142500 Illustration Collection: Von LeonHillaCrusader Coins [Pet Box] Dark Soul i1302213 i1003579 i1142502 Illustration Collection: HillaArkariumCrusader Coins Dark scroll for Gloves for ATT 70% Dominator Pendant Recipe i1012332 i1142501 Illustration Collection: Arkarium

  3. Use the item you got from the Mystic Boss monster!


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