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Special Taste of Florina Beach II

Victoria Island
Special Taste of Florina Beach II
Level 35 and above
Special Taste of Florina Beach (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
12 x Lupin's Banana
5 x Coconut
20 x Lorang Claw
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Riel in Florina Beach asks me a question about Florina Beach. Piece of cake. I can answer that before I start my work.

  2. You have to prepare the recipe ingredients for 12 people, then bring them to Riel in Florina Beach.Lupin&039;s Banana Lupin&039;s Banana Lupin&039;s Banana / 12Coconut Coconut Coconut / 5Lorang Claw Lorang Claw Lorang Claw / 20

  3. I answered all the questions that Riel gave me. I passed Riel's tests and she took the recipe for 12 people.


  • 7,500 mesos
  • 2,000 experience