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Storming the Castle

Storming the Castle
Level 70 and above
Stemming the Tide (In Progress), The Brewing Storm (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
75 x Windraider
75 x Firebrand
75 x Nightshadow
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. To enter the Grandmaster Hall of Crimsonwood Keep and find the new twisted Masters, Jack Barricade says I'll need to find some way to open the gate to the Keep's Inner Sanctum. Perhaps someone who has firsthand knowledge of the Keep will know what I need... and I know just who to ask!

  2. I asked Lukan about the Inner Sanctum Gate, and as I surmised, he knew how to get in. Being a well-respected Stormcaster Knight, he was given a Crimsonwood Keystone by the Keep's Grandmasters. However, Lukan thinks that I'm mad to assault the castle and refuses to give me the key, calling it a suicide mission. However, if I can whittle down the Keep's defenders, he'll relent and give me the Keystone. I've already put the hurt on the Stormbreakers, but I'll need to defeat at least 75 Windraiders, 75 Firebrands, and 75 Nightshadows more to put a sizeable enough dent in this evil army!

  3. I defeated the twisted Crimsonwood warriors! And true to his word, Lukan gave me his Crimsonwood Keystone. He also said that although the Keystone will physically unlock the Inner Sanctum Gate, the red energy field that surrounds them is foreign to him, and likely a new addition by the Keep's new Masters. I should take the key back to Jack Barricade and let him know what I've discovered.