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Teo's Information

Hero From the Past, Aran
Teo's Information
Level 13 and above
An Information Dealer's Work (In Progress)
Item(s) Needed:
10 x Snail Shell
10 x Blue Snail Shell
10 x Red Snail Shell
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. For the time being, you're working as an informant for Tru. Your first task is to approach Teo and ask about any rumors circulating among the crewmembers.

  2. Teo tells you that revealing a rumor is no big deal, but he'll only do it under one condition. Turns out he wants some snail shells to treat his arthritis. Fair enough. The area surrounding Lith Harbor: Lith Harbor is infested with snails, so this shouldn't be hard. Snail Shell Snail Shell Snail Shell / 10Blue Snail Shell Blue Snail Shell Blue Snail Shell / 10Red Snail Shell Red Snail Shell Red Snail Shell / 10

  3. You gave him all the Snail Shells, and in return, he told you that the crew is currently stressed about the certain revival of the Black Mage. You'd better relay this bit of info to Tru.


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