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The Brewing Storm

The Brewing Storm
Level 70 and above
Item(s) Needed:
10 x Stormbreaker Badge
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. I've heard tell that many travelers get lost in the spooky Phantom Forest. If I come across any of them, perhaps one of them will have an interesting tale to tell about the area. I should search them out, but I better make sure I don't become one of these lost travelers myself... yikes!

  2. I met a knight lost in the Phantom Forest named Lukan de Vrisien. His armor is very ancient-looking, and he seems to be from another era. Lukan asked if I knew anything about the unfriendly Stormbreaker warriors wandering the forest. He seems to hate them, though strangely, his armor looks almost exactly like theirs...lightning bolts and all! Regarding this, Lukan remains tight-lipped... at least until I prove I'm not in league with them. To gain his trust, and prove my fighting prowess, I need to defeat 100 of these Stormbreakers and collect 15 of their badges to bring to him.

  3. After defeating the Stormbreakers as he requested, Lukan explained that he is a Stormcaster Knight from Crimsonwood Keep. When I told him that Crimsonwood Keep was ancient history, and that Masteria had been lost for a millennium, he seemed at a loss for words. Somehow, he has been transported to this time period, his future. Strange things are brewing indeed.


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