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The Chase and the Conspiracy

The Chase and the Conspiracy
Level 80 and above
The Forbidden Book of Alchemy (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Magic Tracking Compass
1 x Forbidden Book of Alchemy
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Maed asked you to chase after the magicians who stole the Forbidden Book of Alchemy, and recover it. Maed gave you a Magic Tracking Compass to pursue them with.

  2. The magicians are heading towards the west side of Sunset Road: Magatia. You must hurry if you are to stop them from escaping through The Burning Road: Ariant. At the rate they're going, you guess you only have about 10 minutes to catch them in Sunset Road: The Desert of Red Sand. Catch them and bring the Forbidden Book of Alchemy back to Maed in Sunset Road: Magatia.

  3. Those suspicious magicians were Arkarium's servants! Arkarium was planning to destroy all of Maple World's Seal Stones at once using Dark Alchemy. Does this mean Arkarium is launching a plot against the world? Whatever the case, since the alchemists in Sunset Road: Magatia burned the Forbidden Book of Alchemy as soon as they got it back, Sunset Road: Magatia should have no more problems.