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The Existence of the Secret Organization

Nihal Desert
The Existence of the Secret Organization
Level 75 and above
Learning the Culture of Ariant (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. The Burning Road: Ariant is famous for producing Lidium, but the people of The Burning Road: Ariant aren't wealthy, and that's because of the greedy queen! Maybe Sirin, who dances in the middle of town, knows a thing or two.

  2. When you ask Sirin about the queen, she speaks passionately about the queen's lack of humanity and mentions the Sand Bandits in the process. Apparently, the Sand Bandits steal the treasures of the greedy queen and give them to the struggling folks in this town. When you mention you want to join then, Sirin instructs you to find a wall with something written about Sand Bandit on its. Find the wall and then return to Sirin.

  3. You found the wall with clues about the Sand Bandits written on. A dagger, an iron hammer, a bow, an arrow? What does that mean?


  • 1,000 experience
  • 10 Insight EXP