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The Fallen Woods

The Fallen Woods
Level 40 and above
Item(s) Needed:
25 x Phantom Seed
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. I've heard people say that there's a band of bandits in the Phantom Forest. Maybe they're responsible for the travelers that go missing in the woods. Perhaps I should investigate and see if there is any truth to this story

  2. Turns out that these so-called bandits are not responsible for any disappearances, at least so they say. However, I'm still not really sure why they're camped out here in the middle of these haunted woods. Their leader, a mysterious tough named Taggrin, seems quite unfriendly to strangers. Taggrin said that there was one thing I could do however: cut down 25 of each type of the possessed Phantom Trees and bring him 25 of their seeds. I'm not sure why he wants them, but I guess the fewer angry trees around the better for everyone.

  3. I fulfilled Taggrin's request and brought him the fallen seeds from the Phantom Trees. He seemed to warm up to me for doing this, and has opened the bandit's camp up to me. Now I can buy and sell things from their provisioner, Mo. Whew, this has definitely saved me the effort of having to trek all the way back to NLC!


  • 5,400 experience