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The Fox Hunt

Korean Folk Town
The Fox Hunt
Level 55 and above
Item(s) Needed:
33 x Three-Tailed Foxtail
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. I should go visit Chumji, who is the chief of the Korean Folk Town.

  2. Chumji, the elder of the Korean Folk Town, is concerned that an increasing number of residents in Folk Town are becoming sick these days, because Samihos from the Black Mountain put a curse on them. In order to end the curse affecting the town, he tells you that it requires 99 Foxtails. Since each Three-Tailed Foxtail has 3 tails, you will need to get 33 Three-Tailed Foxtails. Three-Tailed FoxtailThree-Tailed Foxtail Three-Tailed Foxtail / 33

  3. You brought 33 Three-Tailed Foxtails to cure the curse of the Three-Tailed Fox affecting the residents of Folk Town. Chumji thanked you for your help and gave you an All-Cure Potion.