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The Importance of Life Alchemy

Nihal Desert
The Importance of Life Alchemy
Level 85 and above
Item(s) Needed:
40 x Scorpion Sting
80 x Scorpion
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Sunset Road: Magatia's alchemist Russellon seems to be very proud of his work as an Alcadno combining the machinery and alchemy into one great body of work.

  2. Russellon warned me of the dangerous nature of Scorpion, and wanted me to slay 80 of them while acquiring Scorpion Sting necessary to make a medicine.Scorpion StingScorpion Sting Scorpion Sting/40 Scorpion a33371

  3. Russellon told me he lost his right eye in the past because of an attack from Scorpion, but thanks to the Life Alchemy practiced by the Alcadnos, he was able to live a new life with a new right eye. He also contends that poison, if used right, can be a great source of medicine, and that just because it's dangerous, doesn't mean people should stay away from the merging of machinery and alchemy.


  • 37,420 experience