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The Kids That Became the Sun and the Moon

Korean Folk Town
The Kids That Became the Sun and the Moon
Level 55 and above
Item(s) Needed:
20 x Tough Rope
1 x Slippery Oil
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. I heard there's a boy somewhere in Korean Folk Town that needs my help.

  2. Haenim is a boy that lives in Korean Folk Town with his mother and a little sister. He seemed to be in a hurry for something, so I asked him what's up, and he told me a story of what happened today. Apparently, his mother went out for a little bit, and while she was away from home, a tiger from the Black Mountain came to town and threatened to eat his sister and him. He said he has to leave town today before the tiger catches him tonight, and told me he needed 20 Tough Ropes from Hodori. And for reasons unknown, he also wanted me to get 1 Slippery Oil that Cico gives.Tough Rope Tough Rope / 20Slippery Oil Slippery Oil / 1

  3. Haenim from Korean Folk Town requested for 20 Tough Ropes and 1 Slippery Oil. I got him the items, and he gave me Storybook on The Kids That Became the Sun and the Moon.