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The Mark of Heroism

The Mark of Heroism
Level 70 and above
The Brewing Storm (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
4 x Typhon Feather
10 x Gold Ore
1 x Power Crystal Ore
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Lukan told me about the Valley of Heroes and the giant Menhir columns barring the way through. He mentioned that the Heroic Statues that line the valley would also act as teleporters, for only someone who had an artifact known as the Marker of Heroism. Perhaps someone well-versed in ancient artifacts would know something about these items... I think I may have an idea on who to ask. Otherwise, it's time for some ledge hopping!

  2. I was right: John Barricade's extensive knowledge about ancient civilizations and items has paid off again! He'll give me the Barricades' Marker of Heroism if I reimburse him for the materials they had to acquire to recreate it: 1 Power Crystal Ore, 10 Gold Ores and 4 Typhon Feathers. I also need to beat 100 Typhons. The only problem: Typhons nest in the upper reaches of the mountain! To get up the mountain, I'll have to go through the Valley first! Ugh! Looks like a catch-22! Hmmm, I guess I could see if someone else might have these feathers... I wonder if anyone else has already made it through the Valley on their own?

  3. JJohn gave me the Marker of Heroism artifact after I brought him the hard-to-find Typhon Feathers and the other materials. Now I'll be able to the Heroic Statues to get through the Valley. However, it's not all candy and cake yet; I still need to figure out the correct statues to use, but at least it'll make it easier for me to move around. Guess I'll try each statue as I go along and see where they lead!