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The Master of Disguise

The Master of Disguise
Level 70 and above
The Real Culprit? (Completed), The Seal Stone and the Black Mage (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. The Master of DisguiseLv 70 requirement

  2. fEtc/episodBookImg.img/adventureBook/105/0 With your latest lead, you finally felt like you were putting together the pieces to the puzzle.Sugar, Tess, Rondo, and Olive met you at the El Nath Crystal Passageway to pursue the Master of Disguise.While there, Rondo overheard some Black Wings saying that their leaders were collecting Seal Stones, though they weren't sure why.With Sugar's help, you managed to defeat the Master of Disguise! You returned the Seal Stone to Athena Pierce, in person this time.Everything worked out in the end, but the questions lingered.What were the Seal Stones? What was the Black Wings' ultimate goal?And most importantly of all, was the Black Mage directly involved in all of this?


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