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The New Seal Stone

The New Seal Stone
Level 100 and above
The Shadow Returns (Completed), Maple Island, Home of Explorers (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. The New Seal StoneLv 100 requirement

  2. fEtc/episodBookImg.img/adventureBook/510/2 Fascinated, you watched as the Maple Leaf transformed into a jewel.Suddenly, power filled your veins and your attacks began to have an effect. It was the blessing of a Goddess.You gave it everything you had, and in the end, you vanquished the darkness.The Goddess revealed she was spirit of Maple Island, who dwelled in the Maple Tree.She sensed that the world was in danger, and sent her other self, Sugar, to keep watch.She said the Maple Leaf had become the Seal Stone of Maple Island, formed out of your friends' desire to save the island.Using its power, you restored Maple Island to its original form.Then, you hugged your friends goodbye.And so this story drew to a close, but others had yet to begin. More adventures awaited those with the will to search for them.


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