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The Past, Onyx Dragons, Black Mage

Dragon Master, Evan
The Past, Onyx Dragons, Black Mage
Level 70 and above
Voice of the Sleeping Dragon (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Listen to the Sleeping Dragon Afrien.

  2. Afrien starts to tell you about what happened hundreds of years ago. About a time when Onyx Dragons and Dragon Masters lived in harmony and how the Onyx Dragon's suddenly became extinct... After talking for awhile, Afrien says that it's too difficult to explain and that he will show his memory. You are sent to a strange place...Inside Afrien's memory, become Freud, who was his master, and talk to him..

  3. Hundreds of years ago, the Onyx Dragons were destroyed because of the Black Mage. Afrien was entrapped in ice by the Black Mage. From the conversation between Freud and Afrien, you can guess that Mir is Afrien's child. But it doesn't seem that Afrien wants Mir to know.


  • 11,000 experience