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The Right Path

The Right Path
Level 70 and above
The Fallen Woods (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Map of Phantom Forest
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Jack Barricade has given me the Map of Phantom Forest that he took from Taggrin. He explained that he was forced to steal it from Taggrin, who had refused to give it to him even after he'd won it in a bet fair and square. Now that Jack's made it up to the Crimsonwood Mountain, he's given the map to me for my own use. Perhaps I should return it to Taggrin? If I keep it, the map will come in handy while navigating the tricky Phantom Forest, allowing me to use the marked shortcuts and save time traveling. But at the same time, there's a part of me that feels that this map still rightfully belongs to Taggrin. What should I do? It's a dilemma...

  2. I told Taggrin that I'd found Jack up the Crimsonwood Mountain, and explained Jack's purpose. Taggrin was surprised when I offered to return his Map of Phantom Forest to him... and was moved by my gesture. He seems to have warmed up to me, and ask that I return and speak to him. What could he want?

  3. In return for making the honorable gesture of returning his map, Taggrin let me in on a secret of his own: he and his band are not bandits at all, but are actually Raven Ninjas, descendants of the ancient Shadowknights! They're here to discover what happened to their ancestral Keep and the reason behind the disappearance of Masteria. As such, Taggrin is offering a bounty on the Keep's unrightful occupiers. I can now speak to Joko to redeem any badges I find off these twisted warriors (the Windraiders, the Stormbreakers, the Firebrands, and the Nightshadows) as well as Crimson Hearts from the corrupted Crimson Guardians for bounties, and includeing special equipment, scrolls, crafting items, and Raven Ninja gear!