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The Story of Axes

Korean Folk Town
The Story of Axes
Level 55 and above
Item(s) Needed:
1 x Tree Cutter's Steel Axe
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Deep in the Korean Folk Town: A Small Well of the Black Mountain, I heard God of Mountains is concerned about something. I better go check it out myself.

  2. I met God of Mountains, who was heavily sighing at Korean Folk Town: A Small Well with a big lump on his head. Apparently, he got hurt from a random axe that was thrown on his way. After throwing the axe out of the pond in disgust, the owner of the axe, Tree Cutter, came and asked for the axe. He requested that anyone that finds the Tree Cutter&039;s Steel Axe return it to Tree Cutter.The Mountain God believes that the steel axe for the tree cutter might be taken by a monster, and that he has offered to look into the axe and see if it's legit. The axes will be available through Dark Axe Stumps, and he'll look into it and see if it's really Tree Cutter&039;s Steel Axe.

  3. Through the request from God of Mountains, who I met at Korean Folk Town: A Small Well of the Black Mountain, I returned Tree Cutter&039;s Steel Axe to its rightful owner, and received the storybook on 'The Story of the Axes'.