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The Tale of the Knights of Virtue

The Tale of the Knights of Virtue
Level 15 and above
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Cassandra has something very important to tell you. It seems something very strange is going on...

  2. What could be happening in Maple World? Perhaps Cassandra knows something about it.

  3. You should make the most of the Stone of Virtue. By using its power, you can challenge monsters stronger than you have ever faced before. You can charge your Stone of Virtue at the following locations. The numbers in parenthesis are the levels of the monsters there.[Henesys] Golem's Temple (Lv. 20-26)[Mushroom Castle] Skyscraper (Lv. 33-34)[Kerning Square] Field (Lv. 32-41)[Orbis] Garden of 3 Colors 2 (Lv. 46)[Sleepywood] Swamp (Lv. 50)[Chryse] Field (Lv. 55-62)[Korean Folk Town] Field (Lv. 55-64)[Omega Sector] Boswell Field (Lv. 66-71)[Edelstein] Verne Mine Shaft (Lv. 70-79)[Ariant] Sunset Road (Lv. 76-84)[Mu Lung] Training Center (Lv. 82-83)[Magatia] Alcadno Research Institute (Lv. 83-89)[Red-Nose Pirate] Pirate Den (Lv. 99-105)\[Leafre Battlefield] Kentaurus (Lv. 118)[Leafre Dragon Forest] Dragon Forest (Lv. 127-142)[Temple] Road of Regrets (Lv. 151-157)