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To Acquire the Fairy Dust

El Nath
To Acquire the Fairy Dust
Level 55 and above
A Word from the Assistant (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
30 x Luster Pixie's Sunpiece
100 x Star Pixie's Starpiece
50 x Lunar Pixie's Moonpiece
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. Kriel the Fairy wanted to make a deal with me, and I complied. For her to give up the Fairy Dust, I'll have to get her 100 Star Pixie Starpieces, 50 Lunar Pixie Moonpieces, and 30 Luster Pixie Sunpieces. I'll have to go on a serious Pixie hunting spree for a while. Luster Pixie&039;s Sunpiece Luster Pixie&039;s Sunpiece/30Star Pixie&039;s Starpiece Star Pixie&039;s Starpiece/100Lunar Pixie&039;s Moonpiece Lunar Pixie&039;s Moonpiece/50

  2. I gave all ingredients to Kriel the Fairy. She will give me Fairy Dust.


  • 14,680 experience