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Victoria Island Dispatch

Cygnus Knights
Victoria Island Dispatch
Level 13 and above
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. You have finished your training at Empress&039; Road: Ereve. Don't you think you should start doing some Knight stuff now? Listen to what Neinheart has to say.

  2. Neinheart told you to go to Victoria Island and investigate the Black Wings and their plots. He says that the informant of Henesys: Henesysp, 1103001, should have the details...

  3. The Black Wings are an evil group in service of the evil Black Mage, who tried to destroy Maple World hundreds of years ago. It sounds like they are trying their hardst to revive Black Mage... They're just chock full of evil, so you were told that they must be stopped.


  • 300 experience