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Vikin's Black Treasure Chest

Vikin's Black Treasure Chest
Level 60 - 69
News of Vikin's Return (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
30 x Stone Golem Rubble
30 x Dark Stone Golem Rubble
10 x Mixed Block
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. A Treasure Chest that Vikin picked up during his voyage won't open...

  2. Of the Treasure Chests that Vikin brought back from his voyage, there is a black Treasure Chest that won't open. In order to open this Treasure Chest, he will need a key made of stone. He says that he will need 30 Stone Golem Rubbles, 30 Dark Stone Golem Rubbles, and 10 Mixed Blocks in order to make a stone key and asks that you bring him the materials.Stone Golem Rubble Stone Golem Rubble / 30Dark Stone Golem Rubble Dark Stone Golem Rubble / 30Mixed Block Mixed Block / 10

  3. You brought back the three different types of Golem Rubble required to make the Stone Key. Vikin made a key and opened the black Treasure Chest.


  • 800 experience

Choices of Reward(s)