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Yulete's Request

Nihal Desert
Yulete's Request
Level 70 and above
Making the Reagent (Completed), Organizing the Lab Report (Completed), Eliminating Obstacles (Completed)
Item(s) Needed:
NPC(s) Involved:
  1. For a while, he was so jaded that he wanted to take on Magatia all by himself, but now that someone recognized and appreciated his greatness, Yulete seems to finally find some peace in himself... I better find Yulete, who might be hiding somewhere in Magatia.

  2. Yulete made a promise that from here on out, instead of conducting experiments to be accepted by others, he's going to do it for his own satisfaction. Conducting these studies and experiments alone seems a little difficult, though. I better help Yulete out. y3366 (u3366)y3367 (u3367)y3368 (u3368)

  3. I was able to really help Yulete complete his experiments. He may not have been universally accepted by his peers, but he's indeed a genius alchemist. An alchemist like him is more than capable of raising the bar of alchemy in Magatia much higher.


  • 35,900 experience
  • 40 Empathy EXP