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Stage 2

In this stage are 5 Sigil which need to be attacked in order to be activated.

Each class has its own Sigil which is shown on the picture below.

The skills that can be used to activate the Sigil's are the following:

Charged Blow (White Knight)
Dragon Fury: Spear (Dragon Knight)
Dragon Fury: Pole Arm (Dragon Knight)
Shout (Crusader)

Strafe (Sniper)
Strafe (Ranger)
Silver Hawk (Ranger)
Golden Eagle (Sniper)
Piercing Arrow (Marksman)

Explosion (Fire/Poison Mage)
Ice Strike (Ice/Lightning Mage)
Bahamut (Bishop)
Magic Claw (Magician)

Avenger (Hermit)
Shadow Partner (Hermit)
Meso Explosion (Chief Bandit)
Chakra (Chief Bandit)
Band of Thieves (Chief Bandit)

Transformation (Marauder)
Gaviota (Outlaw)
Dragon Strike (Buccaneer)
Rapid Fire (Corsair)
Flash Fist (Pirate)

Cannon Shooter
Scatter Shot
Barrel Bomb

Smart Knockback (Aran)
Earthquake (Evan)
Piercing Storm (Mercedes)
Rising Rush (Mercedes)

Cygnus Knights
Soul Charge (Dawn Warrior)
Enduring Fire (Wild Hunter)

Quintuple Blow (Battle Mage)
Atomic Hammer (Mechanic)
Soul Eater (Demon Slayer)
Dark Thrust (Demon Slayer)

When all of the Sigil's are activated, move through the portal to the next stage.