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The Database Takes Flight

Stage 5

In this map you need to rebuild the giant statue. This is done by placing 5 parts of it on their designated spot. Each item can be retrieved by their respective class after entering their map of testing.

Archer room
Kill all the black guardians (7M HP each) and then talk to the statue and he'll give you the bow.

Pirate room
Walk through the water to the end of the trails and open the boxes to retreive the gun.

Warrior room
Get past the Crimson Guardians and climb you're way to the top. Talk to the statue to retrieve the Sword

Thief room
Hit all the purple objects using normal attacks. Use DarkSight and Flashjump to move throughout the map. After all objects are “broken”, talk to the statue to retrieve the Claw

Magician room
Kill all monsters to retrieve the Wand. Teleport is needed as you need to go through walls.