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Quest involved:
Cygnus Knights, Rise of the Alliance, Rise of the Alliance, [Battle Mode] Ereve in Danger, Explorer Pride, Re-Puppeteering, Drakes Aplenty, In Search for the Lost Memory, Where You Came From, Keep Your Friends Close, Voice of Warning, Honor of the Cygnus Knights, [Event] Mikhail's Quick 2nd Job Advancement, [Event] Mikhail's Quick 3rd Job Advancement, [Event] Mikhail's Quick 4th Job Advancement, [Maple Castle] Cygnus's Love Letter, Nineheart the Strategist, Do You Know Black Wizard?, Five Paths of Destiny, Time to Choose, The End of Knight-in-Training, The Lost Treasure, Erev Search Warrant, Erev Search Warrant, Erev Search Warrant, Erev Search Warrant, Erev Search Warrant, Knight's Qualification Exam, Knight's Qualification Exam - Starting the Exam, Chasing Knight's Target, The Knight That Disappeared, Chief Knight of Light, Ensorcelled Knights, Ensorcelled Knights - The Approach, Knight's Dignity, Knight's Class, Knight's Dignity, Knight's Class, Training Never Ends, Training Still Never Ends, Are You Sure You Can Leave?, Done with Henesys, Done with Kerning City, Done With Ellinia, Before Heading to Perion, Done with Perion, Sent to Sleepywood, Find the Puppeteer!, The Continental Conference, The Stolen Seal Stone, Destroyer of Time, Stained Soul, Uncertainty, Fact Versus Truth, Evil Eyes in Ellinia, A Chance to Redeem Yourself, The Workings of Neinheart's Heart, Neinheart's Secret Mission, Another Mission From Neinheart, Neinheart's Proposal, Ten Boogies, Nineheart the Strategist, Nineheart's Thanks, Cygnus the Betrayer, A New Alliance, Cygnus, Cygnus's Apology, Approach of the Alliance, New Alliance, Black Mage Laboratory, Confidential Kaiser Report, Path of a True Mapler, Path of a True Mapler, Path of a True Mapler, Path of a True Mapler, Path of a True Mapler, Path of a True Mapler, Path of a True Mapler, Path of a True Mapler, Doubt, Creator of Dreams, [Root Abyss] World Tree in Crisis, [Root Abyss] World Tree Guardian, [Root Abyss] Rescue World Tree, To Ereve, Town of Fairies, The Mind of a Knight: Beginnings, The Mind of a Knight: Part Two, The Mind of a Knight: Part Three, The Mind of a Knight: Part Four, The Mind of a Knight: Part Five, The Mind of a Knight: The Finale, Reporting to Neinheart, The Lost Treasure, The Mock Training, The Five Paths, End of the Knight-in-Training, A Knight's Valor, Pulling Strings, Edelstein and the Resistance, Edelstein Dispatch Report, [Kritias] Kingdom which suddenly appeared, [Kritias] Omitted History, [Kritias] Time Gap, [Kritias] Nonsensical Truth, [Kritias] Attack begins, all over again, Thieves' Guild Errand Boy, The Dark Lord's Orders, Neinheart's Information, [Special] Root Abyss, Mushking in Danger, Untrusting Heart, Cygnus' Steps, [Maple Castle] Full Moon Dream, Nineheart's Letter, Knight Mount, Kiridu's Message, Sent to Henesys, Sent to Kerning City, Sent to Ellinia, Sent to Perion, The Empress's Council, The Explorers' Invitation, The Resistance's Invitation, Lilin's Invitation, The Fallen Clocktower, Time Management Assistant, To the Temple of Time!, Lambent Essence, Starting Your Training, A New Friend?, In Search of a Cool Saddle, Advice, [Root Abyss] An emergent calling from Neinheart, The First Mission, The Secret Mission, The Secret Mission, Dark Sea Investigation, Return to Ereve, Dark Sea Investigation, Victoria Island Dispatch, Edelstein Dispatch, The Alliance Gathers, The Awakening, Intel from the Knights, Intel from Ereve, [테마던전] 요정학원 엘리넬, Empress's Blessing, Following the Clues to Perion, [Tower of Oz] Tower Under the Sea, Audience with the Empress, Scaling the El Nath Mountains