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Quest involved:
Cygnus Knights, Nineheart the Strategist, Do You Know Black Wizard?, Five Paths of Destiny, Time to Choose, The End of Knight-in-Training, The Lost Treasure, Erev Search Warrant, Erev Search Warrant, Erev Search Warrant, Erev Search Warrant, Erev Search Warrant, Chasing Knight's Target, The Knight That Disappeared, Knight's Dignity, Knight Mount, Knight's Class, Training Still Never Ends, Are You Sure You Can Leave?, Sent to Henesys, Sent to Kerning City, Sent to Ellinia, Before Heading to Perion, Sent to Perion, Sent to Sleepywood, Find the Puppeteer!, Ten Boogies, Nineheart the Strategist, Nineheart's Thanks, In Search of a Cool Saddle, In Search for the Lost Memory, Untrusting Heart, Cygnus' Steps, Honor of the Cygnus Knights, Doubt, Creator of Dreams, A New Alliance, Cygnus, Explorer Pride, Re-Puppeteering, Drakes Aplenty, Empress's Blessing, Training Never Ends, Lambent Essence, Stained Soul, Where You Came From, Knight's Qualification Exam, Knight's Qualification Exam - Starting the Exam, Chief Knight of Light, Ensorcelled Knights, Ensorcelled Knights - The Approach, Starting Your Training, Uncertainty, Fact Versus Truth, Evil Eyes in Ellinia, A Chance to Redeem Yourself, The Workings of Nineheart's Heart, Nineheart's Secret Mission, Another Mission From Nineheart, Nineheart's Proposal, [Battle Mode] Ereve in Danger, Approach of the Alliance, New Alliance, Black Mage Laboratory, Confidential Kaiser Report, [Root Abyss] World Tree in Crisis, [Root Abyss] World Tree Guardian, Five roads, Chaser of Theives' Guild, [Chritias] Omitted History, [Chritias] Nonsensical Truth, [Chritias] Attack begins, all over again, [Special] Root Abyss, Rise of the Forces, Mushking in Danger, Keep Your Friends Close, Voice of Warning, [Maple Castle] Cygnus's Love Letter, [Maple Castle] Full Moon Dream, Kiridu's Message, Done with Henesys, Done with Kerning City, Done With Ellinia, Done with Perion, To the Temple of Time!, Following the Clues to Perion, A New Friend?, Regular meeting, Cygnus the Betrayer, Cygnus's Apology, [Root Abyss] An emergent calling from Neinheart, [Root Abyss] Rescue World Tree, [Theme Dungeon] Elinel the Fairy School, Information on Signus Knights, Information of Erev, Message from Dark Lord, Information of Nine Hearts, [Chritias] Kingdom which suddenly appeared, [Chritias] Time Gap, [The Seed] Discovery of a mysterious under sea building