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Dances with Balrog
Warrior Instructor
Quest involved:
Warriors of Perion, The 3 Ways of the Warrior, Way of the Fighter, Way of the Page, Way of the Spearman, Chiefs of El Nath, The Path of a Warrior, Beginner Warrior's First Training Session, Beginner Warrior's Second Training Session, Beginner Warrior's Third Training Session, Beginner Warrior's Last Training Session, Truth of the Rumor- Dances with Balrog, Endangered Mushking Empire, Training Center for Beginning Warriors, Empress's Might, First Friend in Perion, Excavation Report, 10 Boogies, A Gift of Boogies, The Surprise Gift, The Gullible Boogies, Mysterious Strength, Looking for the Wiseman in Perion, Dances with Balrog and His Recovery, Looking for the Wiseman in Ellinia, In Search for the Lost Memory, Byron's Recommendation Letter, Dances with Balrog's Barbarism Part 1, Dances with Balrog's Barbarism Part 2, '주먹펴고 일어서'님께 인사드리기, '하인즈'님께 인사드리기, 전사학교 입학통지서, Age of Chaos-Aran, Will of the Alliance, Honor of the Explorers, Meeting the Training Instructor, Reporting the Training Results, Meeting Ervine, Dances with Andras!, To Perion!, The Demon Behind It All, Returning to Ellinia, Another Storyteller, Putting the Legend to a Test, Revival of the Demon, Who Broke the Seal of Andras?, [Event] Warrior Hyper Job Advancement 2, [Twilight Perion] Public Opinion, [Twilight Perion] Premonitions and Visions, [Twilight Perion] Unsettling Future 6, Requesting Help from Dances with Balrog, [Theme Dungeon] Ellinel Fairy Academy, Explorer Warrior - Hero, Explorer Warrior - Paladin, Explorer Warrior - Dark Knight, Checking on Perion, Henesys, Here I Come!