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Dark Lord
Thief Instructor
Quest involved:
Thieves of Kerning City, The 2 Paths of the Thief, Path of the Assassin, Path of the Bandit, Chiefs of El Nath, The Path of a Thief, Beginner Thief's First Training Session, Beginner Thief's Second Training Session, Beginner Thief's Third Training Session, Beginner Thief's Last Training Session, Endangered Mushking Empire, The Dark Lord's Trivial Problem 1, The Dark Lord's Trivial Problem 2, Training Center for Beginning Thieves, Deliver Orange Bricks, Empress's Might, The Ruse, The Dark Lord's Training 1, The Dark Lord's Training 2, The Truth Cannot Be Hidden, A Difficult Decision, How to Survive, Nella's Fifth Request, JM's Sixth Request, Rivalry of Convenience, Orange Brick Delivery, Swamp Monsters, Sprouted, The Unknown Cause, Looking for the Wiseman in Kerning City, Dark Lord and His Recovery, All the Map Pieces in One Place, In Search for the Lost Memory, Byron's Recommendation Letter!!!, Return of the Dark Lord, The Night Warrior, '다크로드'님께 인사드리기, '카이린'님께 인사드리기, 도적학교 입학통지서, Lady Syl's Decision, The Coughing Dark Lord, Virus Sample Research, Virus is Spreading Via the Water?, First Encounter with Ervine, Reporting the Training Results to Dark Lord, Meeting Jay, Returning to Kerning City, The Demon Likes..., Catch Valefor!, Revival of the Demon, So the Demons Like Noise?, Catching the Demon, To Kerning City, The Mystery of the White Portion, The Completed Treasure Map, Who Broke the Seal of Valefor?, [Event] Thief Hyper Job Advancement 2, [Theme Dungeon] Ellinel Fairy Academy, Explorer Thief - Night Lord, Explorer Thief - Shadower, Jewel in the Thieves' Hideout, It's a Secret, The Hidden Room, Jewel Thieves, The Dark Lord's Orders, Claudine's Information, The Black Wings' Plot, Checking on Kerning City, Explorer Book - Dyle Hunt Check, Explorer Book - Episode Book Link (Thief), Digging for the Truth, Henesys, Here I Come!, Henesys, Here I Come!