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Pirate Instructor
Quest involved:
Pirates of the Nautilus, The 2 Types of Pirate, Brawler of the High Seas, Gunslinger of the Seven Seas, Cannoneer Trailblazing 1, Cannoneer Trailblazing 2, Chiefs of El Nath, The Black Mage's Commander 1, The Black Mage's Commander 2, Athena Pierce's Gift, How to become a Brawler, How to Become a Gunslinger, The Beginner Pirate's First Training Session, The Beginner Pirate's Second Training Session, Beginner Pirate's Third Training Session, Beginner Pirate's Fourth Training Session, The Path of a Pirate, Endangered Mushking Empire, Training Center for Beginning Pirates, Empress's Might, Job Advancement to Cannoneer, Kyrin's Orders, The Prince's Request 2, Kyrin's Second Orders, In Search for the Lost Memory, Byron's Recommendation!, Kyrin's Teaching, How to Improve Your Strength, Presence of Mind, Body of Steel, How to Improve Your Strength, Observe the Spirit Vikings, Observe the Gigantic Spirit Vikings, 복주머니 배달, '카이린'님께 인사드리기, Explorer's Envoy, The Resistance's Decision, Explorer's Steps, The Journey of the Nautilus, Show Kyrin What You've Got!, Finding Chief Stan in Henesys, Meeting Kyrin of The Nautilus, Kyrin's Request, Baine Likes..., Delivering the Antique, Antique Search, Back to Hill, Finding Muirhat, Reporting the Training Results to Kyrin, Where Are the Treasures?, There Are No Treasures?!, Searching for the Demon, Treasure, and Crocell the Demon, Who Broke the Seal of Crocell?, Dirty Treasure Map, The Great Blacksmith, Kyrin of the Nautilus, [Event] Pirate Hyper Job Advancement 2, [Theme Dungeon] Ellinel Fairy Academy, Broadside, A True Corsair Mount!, Explorer Pirate - Buccaneer, Explorer Pirate - Corsair, BFFs, A Suspicious Pirate, Kyrin and Athena Pierce, Checking on the Nautilus, Explorer Book - King Clang Hunt Check, Explorer Book - Episode Book Link (Pirate), Tess, the Strange Explorer, Get On Board, Kyrin of the Nautilus, Henesys, Here I Come!