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Stage 3

Remnant of the Goddess - Defeating Pixies

  1. In this stage, you must defeat all 30 of the Star, Lunar, and Luster Pixies in Tower of Goddess on the map and collect the 4th Small Fragments that they drop. Upon death, the pixies will transform into weaker Ghost Pixies.
  2. Remnant of the Goddess PQ - Walkway

  3. Press up at a doorway to be teleported to the corresponding platform*
  4. A counter will be updated each time a 4th Small Fragment is collected. Once all of them have been collected, the stage will clear. Speak with Eak to receive Statue of Goddess: 4th Piece.
  5. Enter through the portal to enter Stage 4.

    *Note: It is recommended that parties start at the top left and top right and work their way down. It is possible to jump downwards from one level to another. Mechanics can also use Rocket Booster to work from the ground level, up.